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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And one to grow on....

Well, there's lots to celebrate in the NEW Pittman household! Ben and I are working on five challenging, but joyful years of marriage. We purchased our first home together on August 7th, 2014. It was nothing like I'd thought after many nights of watching HGTV's House Hunters or My First Home. I pictured sitting side by side with our realtor, title company and mortgage lender, one big happy financial family and maybe even popping the cork to my favorite champagne toasting to the success of yet another milestone in our Pittman journey. However, that was not the case. Our original appointment for closing on the houes was cancelled due to the previous owners removing the curtains and rods from the walls before moving out. Those rods were already halfway to North Carolina, and my  heart just stopped. I had no idea a deal could be called quits or put on hold due to curtains. I mean really?! "I can get new curtains, no big deal", I said. But it was in the contract and what lies in the contract stays in the contract. On the bright side and shorter version of our happy ending, our realtor was able to score us a $700 gift card to cover the rods and I was able to meet with the title company one on one, at Tropical Smoothie that evening to sign my life away (without my husband and champagne by my side mind you) before taking off to Hot Springs for a Brain Injury conference. It was not a traditional closing. But long story short, we have our home and it's perfect for us. We couldn't be happier!

And here was the reason for us buying the house. The backyard was love at first sight! The previous owner, from what we've learned from our neighbors, was overly anal and the landscaping definitely goes to show for that. Ben and I have wanted to discover our green thumbs for quite some time, but with the time constraints of both of our jobs, and lack of knowledge, we are gratefully going to go with what we have and learn to manage the built in sprinkler system in the meantime. 

Here is my second favorite purchase. This refrigerator will suffice for my second love in life- cooking! 

Of course I couldn't help but share a little furry love with you all. I took this of bud the other day snuggling with Austyn's Hoppy. What a keeper.

And you know- who doesn't love a little selfie of your grubbiest time- moving day! OR could it be?.... 

Yep, my first baby bump pic of ROUND TWO! Here we go, folks, this is happening. The Pittmans are living, loving, changing and GROWING! Baby 2: Due March 2015! 


  1. Well congratulations on both the house and especially the baby!

  2. Congrats Kelly on your growing family and on your new life challenges!!!

  3. Congrats to you both! What an amazing time!

  4. Glad to see you back in the blogging world! Congrats on the new home...and that precious baby!